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As a large burden was placed upon the hospital with cleaning of the wards, as well as the continual changing of bed linen due to the discharge of patients, it was decided to outsource these departments in March 2001. The kitchen, maintenance and sewing room areas were not sourced out, and are still run and maintained by hospital staff.


Another department which was added in 2001 was the X-ray department run by Medical Imaging.


In 2001, the casualty was moved to KI 2 for a while until the new unit in the previous sisters house was ready. The patients  had to wait outside, and the EP Cupboard was also kept outside due to a space problem. 


A new design for the western side of the hospital was planned where a new casualty dept, doctor's consulting rooms, a new board room, clinical stores and a cafeteria would be build. This area before was the residence of the Nun sisters.


2002 saw a major structural change to the hospital when the new Casualty ward, Doctor's rooms, a new Board room and the new area for Medical Imaging was build. The inauguration was held in 2003, and saw a number of important delegates attending, including the Minister of Health.

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