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PH Study

Mission Statement

To provide a Christian based quality health care service. We endeavor to provide compassionate care for those who are suffering from illness. And to help the patients find psychological, mental and spirituality and peace.

PH Study

  • High Resolution Oesophageal Manometry

Pre - and post-reflux surgery​

Oeosphageal symptoms not diagnosed by gastroscopy or barium swallow

Suspected  Achalasia, dysphagia and impaired oesophageal motiltiy

NCCP (Non cardiac chest pain)

  • PH and Impedance Study

Confirmation of GERD:​

Severity of reflux

Correlation between reflux and symptoms

Presence of non acid reflux

NERD(Non erosive reflux disease)

Extra - oesophageal symptoms

Refractory heartburn


PH Study

  • Anorectal Manometry

Chronic Constipation

Facial incontinence of evacuation disorder

Hirschsprung's disease

Evaluation of functional anorectal pain

Assess patients before and after surgery e.g. hemorrhoidectomy

Assess ano-rectal function and co-ordination, defaecation manoeuvers and the recto-anal inhibitory reflex.

  • Hydrogen Breath Test

Symptoms of GI disorders: IBS and coeliac disease​

Carbohydrate malabsorption:

lactose, d-xylose, fructose, sorbitol,sucrose

Abdominal pain Flatulence Constipation


Measures oro-caecal transit time

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