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This small place was equipped with all necessities, as all procedures were done here and all the doctors had to work within these confines. There used to be only one nursing sister per shift, with sometimes an assistant nurse. Many WCAs went through this area as Dr. Rudiger's rooms were situated where the PH room is, and he and Sr. Dagmar attended to these patients.


At the time, the sister on duty at casualty had to do the admissions of patients on computer, open the file and print the stickers as no clerk was available.


Due to renovations, the casualty department had to be moved to where the current day-ward is. Sonars were done in the PH-study room by late Dr. Beukes.


It must be remembered that prior to this, the hospital was run solely by the Nuns.  Administration in the earlier years was very simple: all information at admission was written in one book, a very big and wide one, and one line per patient was sufficient. Many patients were private patients and just got one account when they left.  Specified accounts were only written for medical aid patients. The bookkeeping for income and expenses was a simple "Portuguese shop" type of bookkeeping-all in one book. As the hospital was seen as the property of the church and not as an individual concern, balance sheets at the end of the year were regarded as unnecessary. The pharmacy was inside the office: reception, administration, accounting office and pharmacy were all in one room. It somehow worked.

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