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With administration becoming more and more complicated, and the demands for expert personnel at the order of the day, something had to be done, and so the planning of new offices was again the order of the day.


This also saw the first Hospital Board being appointed. The members appointed were Bishop Haushiku, Peter Nordkamp (Vicar General), Sr. Elizabeth who was the Prioress of Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing, Mr. Kunz, Administrator, Sr. Marita, the Nursing Services Manager and Sr. Augusta (Theatre in Charge).


By 1995 the hospital was completely 'computerized', and the renovated pharmacy was 1996 also saw the renovated pharmacy was opened. 


1996 also saw the building of a new floor above the pharmacy for the purpose of administration personnel.


May 1997 saw the official opening of the ICU ward, and in the same year, a large water tank was erected to collect "grey water" for the gardens, mainly from the autoclave and rain water. A Solar water heater was also installed in the same year.


By 1999, the casualty room was staffed by sisters Magda and Johanna, nurse Elsie and Philander and Kushi as secretary.


The year 2000 brought another major change: the Sisters OSB had built a convent in Brakwater and moved there in 2000. The building they had occupied was changed into doctors' rooms, a laboratory and casualty.


As all the hospital beds were purchased from Johannesburg in South Africa, and the quality falling short, it was decided in 2001 to purchase new beds from a company in the Netherlands, as they were of a more superior quality. This coincided with the massive alterations and upgrading, to all of the ward rooms. Needless to state that these alterations caused its own disruption and disturbance in as far as the staff and patients were concerned.

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