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Roman Catholic Hospital

With praise and thanksgiving the Roman Catholic Hospital celebrates its Centennial Year of providing Christian based quality nursing care to the people of Namibia and its neighboring countries.

In 1907 the Roman Catholic Church built the Mission Hospital and invited the Franciscan Sisters for the management of the facility. The same Sisters started the Holy Cross School in 1906. In 1923, due to the lack of Sister (Nuns) to administer the hospital and the need for the Franciscan Sisters to go back to their country of origin, the Archbishop of the Diocese of Windhoek handed over the Management of the Hospital to the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing, who manages the Hospital up to the present.

From its humble beginning in 1907, today the Roman Catholic Hospital continues to accommodate and bring the compassionate healing ministry of Christ to the sick to help them find physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing, stability and peace.

Sustained by God and through the dedicated service of the nuns, the doctors, the nurses, the administrative and support staff, the Roman Catholic Hospital has achieved a standard in quality health care service. In December 2006 the Hospital received information from PMR (Professional Management Revenue) in South Africa that among the Private Hospitals in Namibia, the Roman Catholic Hospital was highest rated on overall rating of 4.35 out of 5.00. This year, the Cosmos Radio rated Roman Catholic Hospital number four (4) among the service institutions (restaurants, banks, hospital, etc.) in Namibia. It is a challenge and an invitation to the Management and our staff to maintain this standard of performance and to be competitive in this present age and the hundred years to come.

The Joy we are celebrating now is the fruit of a 100 years of love, prayer and good work of the Pioneering Sisters and those who had given their service through these years. The history runs through a courageous beginning, rigorous training, perfecting the art of caring and a dedicated service to the sick. We thank the Nuns and Staff who had gone ahead of us and those who are still with us who had made the Roman Catholic Hospital what it is today. To celebrate the centennial event the RC Hospital had come up with the following activities:

1.    The RCH Bazaar on 28 July 2007, Saturday. The proceeds of the Bazaar will benefit the disabled children.
2.    A 100-year history book of the Roman Catholic Hospital
3.    Centennial Surgical Charity for poor patients, particularly sponsored by RC Hospital.
4.    Thanksgiving Eucharistic Celebration followed by a Festive Meal on 27 October 2007.

We wish to extend our gratitude to all our patients and clients who had patronized our hospital.
We recognize and thank our doctors, nurses, administrative staff and support services in the Hospital who had helped us develop, continue and achieve our mission for the sick and to all the medical aid funders and our suppliers who had contributed to reach our goal. Finally to the Archbishop Liborius Nashenda, OMI and his predecessors for entrusting the Management of the Hospital to our congregation and their continued support in all our activities.

May the God who has sustained us all through all these years of grace and service continue to uphold our love and service to the sick to the next hundred years.

God be our joy and reward!!!

Sr. Amadea K. Donadilla, OSB

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